Polypropylene Caps with Teflon Liners

60-ml Vials

60-ml VialsManufactured in the USA, these high-quality borosilicate glass vials are available with either open-top septum caps or closed-top Teflon-lined caps. 

  • 24-414 black open-top caps with 10/125 Teflon/silicone septa.
  • 24-400 black closed-top caps contain adhesive-free Teflon liner.
  • Available pre-cleaned or not pre-cleaned.
  • Pre-cleaned vials are processed under strict quality-control conditions. Certificate of Analysis available at no additional charge.


60-ml Vials
Glass Cap Case Pack Pre-cleaned Not Pre-cleaned
Clear Open-top 72 #27140FL-PC #27140FL-AS
Clear Closed-top 72 #27140FT-PC #27140FT-AS