Teflon/silicone Septum and Hole Cap

Glass Septum Jars

Glass Jars with Septum CapsAvailable exclusively from Industrial Glassware, our glass septum jars feature our own heavy-duty polypropylene cap, which is manufactured at our facility in Millville, NJ.  These caps contain an adhesive-free 10/90 Teflon/silicone septum. 

Jars are offered both pre-cleaned and not pre-cleaned.  A Certificate of Analysis is available with the pre-cleaned jars at no additional charge. 

Glass Septum Jars
Size Cap Size Case Pack Pre-cleaned Not Pre-cleaned
4 oz. / 125 ml (short) 58-400 24 #0125CJS-PC #0125CJS-AS
4 oz. / 125 ml (tall) 48-400 12 #0125PJS-PC #0125PJS-AS
2 oz. / 60 ml (short) 53-400 24 #0060CJS-PC #0060CJS-AS
2 oz. / 60 ml (tall) 38-400 24 #0060ACS-PC #0060ACS-AS